2022-23 Upper Deck Team Canada Juniors Hockey Blaster Box

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2023 Upper Deck Team Canada Juniors Hockey Blaster Box

5 Cards per Pack. 6 Packs per Box

2023 Team Canada Juniors showcases the esteemed U20 (two-time defending world champions), U18 (2021 world champions) and Women’s National (five-time and defending Olympic gold medalists; 12-time world champions) squads. Collect exclusive content featuring the elite players representing Team Canada on the international stage!

The 150-card base set consists of three subsets:

Regular (1-63): Players from the U18 and U20 teams and the Women’s National Team.

Pride of the Program (High Series; 64-100): The best-of-the-best from the U18 and U20 teams.

Program of Excellence (101-150): Players that have made it through Team Canada’s Program of Excellence. Collect two per box, on average.

Look for three parallels of the first 100 cards: Signatures, Rose Gold Foil (Blaster exclusive!) and Blue Patterned Foilboard (New & Blaster exclusive!). Collect three Rose Gold Foil parallels per box, on average!

The popular Prospectus Momentous insert is back! This set features top junior players who have been drafted or expect to be drafted within the next few years. Collect one per box, on average!