1993 Bernie Wrightson Master of Macabre Fantasy Trading Card Box

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36 Packs, 10 Cards/Pack

Bernie Wrightson undoubtedly left an indelible mark as one of the foremost visionary artists within the realm of comic and horror art. His creations were not only celebrated by critics and fans but also earned him a plethora of accolades throughout his illustrious 45+ year career. Among his many honors are the prestigious Shazam Award for Best Penciller and Best Individual Story for Swamp Thing, the Comic Fan Art Award, the H.P. Lovecraft Award, the Bob Clampett Humanitarian Award, and the Inkwell Special Recognition Award, solidifying his legacy as a true luminary in the art world.

In 1993, FPG, Inc. unveiled the Bernie Wrightson: Master of the Macabre Trading Cards, comprising a captivating 90-card series showcasing an array of characters and scenes expertly illustrated by Wrightson himself. This collection delves into a rich tapestry of monsters and maniacs, offering diverse interpretations of iconic figures like Swamp Thing and Frankenstein’s Monster, alongside eerie creatures that evoke the essence of the famed Xenomorphs from the Aliens series.

Look for randomly inserted Horrific Holograms and autograph cards. 

36 packs per box.


Box Breakdown:
36 Packs, 10 Cards/Pack